5 Things Every Sugar Daddy Needs To Know

5 Things Every Sugar Daddy Needs To Know  – Overview

If your intention is to supplement your traditional dating life with a sugar daddy lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. Various reasons bring men to the world of sugar daddy dating. Some have tried of traditional relationships, while others seek the simplicity and no drama interactions with women. Many men find sugar dating liberating as they can be themselves without worry of over-seducing women.

While there are differences between traditional dating and sugar dating, the goal for a sugar daddy  remains the same: attract the highest quality women to enhance your life. Before embarking on your sugar dating experience, one must conduct the necessary research. Although sugar dating has become mainstream, there is still a stigma attached to it. Therefore, we must all be prudent in our endeavors related to meeting women on related sites.

The following will provide you with some important information on how to attain the best experience in your sugar player life.


1. Privacy is not guaranteed 

If you are a man with an important career or family, then the last thing you need is to be outed by some bimbo. While sugar dating can be a fruitful experience, as with anything that comes with a reward, it also comes with some risks. The risk of being exposed is what most men fear, due to social stigma and the nightmare of having to explain to someone as to why you are on such a site.

Fortunately, men can protect themselves from many of the privacy pitfalls. One such strategy involves making your photos private and only exchanging them with a few, select women. You can also state in your profile that due to privacy reasons you do not have a profile picture or it is not your real picture.

However, you will ultimately need to share your private pictures with women to get the best experience. Would you correspond with a woman who did share her pictures?

Another strategy involves using a secure phone system to make calls and exchange texts with women. One such system is Google Voice.

It is ultimately an individual choice on how many personal details you wish to share with a woman. Exchanging social media is risky and should only be done once you trust someone. Messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp works well as long as you are ok with sharing your personal number. In this case, it’s generally best to keep a few different numbers at hand, especially if you’re in a relationship.

There is never 100 percent privacy with any kind of online dating, but there are strategies to minimize risk.

As always, the best strategy is to treat the women well, as a woman who is treated well has little desire to do damage to a man.

5 Things Every Sugar Player Needs To Know


2. Women expect to have sex quickly 

Unlike traditional dating, you can rest assured that sex will happen quickly. Women know the score and understand what a man’s expectations are. Women on sites like Seeking Arrangement are sexually liberal (an understatement!). They have informed adults and most have done their homework.

The understanding that sex is very important in a sugar dating relationship is par for the course.


3. There are many different sugar dating sites to choose from

Sugar dating has grown exponentially over the best few years. Men and women are signing up for accounts in increasing numbers. There are subtle differences between the sites, but they tend to have the same framework: mobile sites and native application options that allow you to search for and messages sugar babies with your desired preferences, such as age, race, location.

The current top sites to consider as the following:

Seeking Arrangement

Sugar Daddy Meet

Millionaire Match

For a more in-depth look at which might be best for meeting your goals in sugar dating, be sure to check out our Sugar Ranking section for an in-depth overview.


4. The women on sugar daddy sites can often also be found on traditional dating sites

Some women are exclusively looking for a sugar daddy. However, there are a multitude of those that are just dabbling in the sugar dating. These women are on other apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. looking for normal dating and relationships.

This fact indicates that women are open to a relationship without an allowance even on sugar daddy dating sites. Some women don’t even remember which app they met you on once you ask them upon meeting in person.


5. Looks matter!

Women on sugar daddy dating sites are looking primarily for a man with financial means. They tend to have low expectations related to the attractiveness of men on such sites. men who have good looks, dress well and are fit find themselves in a unique position to kill it on sites like Seeking Arrangement. Since their expectations are so low, women will be impressed with a sugar daddy who has maximized his style and social graces; one who understands how to secure women.

Always have your game tight, and dress on point if you want to have the best results while sugar dating. Assuming privacy is not a concern, having high-quality photos on your profile will help to heed great results in terms of bringing sugar babies right to your inbox.

5 Things Every Sugar Player Needs To Know



The sugar daddy life can be an exciting, adventurous endeavor for many men. However, it is not like traditional dating. Therefore, a sugar daddy must make some preparations and develop a set of guidelines for themselves on how they want to conduct their sugar dating lives. If you’re still on the fence, you should consider the reasons why you need a sugar baby in your life.

Ready to get started meeting women now? Let’s get started.

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