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The Benefits of Sugar Dating vs. “Normal” Dating

The Benefits of Sugar Dating vs. “Normal” Dating – Overview

The rise of sugar dating has taught us valuable lessons about contemporary dating in the west. Traditional dating is skewed towards women.

Most men who are not in the top percentages for looks have a difficult time on popular dating apps such as Tinder. Social media tends to have illustrated that women are now the sectors of both sex and relationships. The old adage that women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers for relationships no longer persists.

Women have almost infinite possibilities through Tinder and Instagram to choose men directly from the comfort of their own phone.

Sugar dating is a nontraditional form of dating that flips the script on the modern sexual marketplace.

Evolutionary psychology teaches us that women select men based on the inherent value, which will ensure the survival of her children. Women chose men based on traits that exhibit strength, resources and a command of the environment that will ensure success and prosperity for her and the next generation of youngsters.

Attractiveness is one such trait that exhibits health and vitality. One’s looks are the prominent trait in determining a men’s perceived value with conventional online dating. Currently, men need to display high levels of attractiveness for success with traditional online dating. Even handsome men who outside the top percentages for looks struggle with online dating due to the overwhelming competition.

Sugar dating evens the playing field because of its emphasis on financial resources. This triggers an innate psychological response in women for selecting men who have means. On a more superficial level is also conjures up a fantasy in women to live a fabulous and exciting lifestyle; similar to the stories and people that they follow on social media.

Sugar dating has reached the mainstream because it provides a platform for women to select men in areas other than looks. For men, it allows them to demonstrate their qualities that have made them successful in life and emphasizes their value as a provider.

Sugar dating and normal dating each have their own unique benefits that we will discuss in this article.


The Benefits of Sugar Dating

Benefits of Sugar Dating vs. "Normal" Dating

Conventional dating has historically involved a courting process in which two people spend time together, known better by the term “dates”, where the two would get to know each other and determine if they were suitable for a long-term relationship or marriage. In our current times, conventional online dating has devolved into a woman selecting exclusively for attractiveness in the modern comfort of her smartphone.

Some studies suggest that men outnumber women 5 to 1 on normal dating sites.

The cards are stacked against men, and sugar dating offers men an alternative in the following ways:

  1. Flip the script: Sugar dating sites have more women to men. This demonstrates the innate need for women to seek successful, financially successful men. Women memberships on sugar dating sites far outnumber men.
  2. “Feel” what it is like to be a woman on Tinder: Unlike online traditional dating sites, women initiate contact with men on sugar dating sites and vie for their attention.
  3. Older men are not only welcomed but sought after on sugar dating sites. They have inherent value. Traits such as wisdom, confidence, experience, and refinement are valued.
  4. Looks are important but you do not need to be a GQ model to get matches. Average looking men do very well on sugar dating sites because their non-tangible traits are valued.
  5. Less Drama: women know the score. Women don’t play as many games on sugar dating sites. They understand that successful men don’t deal with BS and their time is valuable. They also understand their competition and know that men have plenty of options if they get out of line.


The Benefits of Normal Dating

Men who do well with conventional dating sites fall into these three categories:

A. Young

B. Very attractive

C. Very fit

Simply put – men who are in their 20s and who are well-built, and have themselves together can be very successful with normal dating apps. Tinder is, in fact, a great app for these men. Unfortunately, the majority of men will not have this success unless they are not exceptionally good-looking nor are they photogenic.

With that in mind, normal dating offers these men the following benefits:

  1. A wide variety of dating options in their local area with little investment: Tinder works just about everywhere and most single women in their 20s have a profile.
  2. Women will not have many expectations for you to spend money on them: Dating on Tinder is a low investment financially. No subscription fees and a local dive bar will suffice for a venue.
  3. You will not have to weed through many gold diggers: Women generally tend to look for men who are their own age, socially appropriate, and one that their friends might accept. They are generally not looking to milk a guy’s paycheck.
  4. Low cost:  Tinder is free. Sugar dating sites have a membership fee or men.
  5. Less work:  On Tinder and you don’t even have to fill out a profile biography – just match, exchange a few texts and set up a date.



There are various factors that will determine if sugar dating is right for you. There are advantages to both sugar and normal dating sites.

If you are killing it on Tinder, there is no reason for using a Sugar dating site.

However, sugar dating sites provide men with an alternative two flip the script and experience a fruitful dating life with women who are eager to meet an older, established gentleman with life experience.

Ready to get started sugar dating? You can start your journey here:

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