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Salt Dating – The Beginner’s Guide & All You Need to Know

Salt Dating – The Beginner’s Guide & All You Need to Know – Overview

Let’s start from the beginning here before we jump into the concept of salt dating – what’s the concept behind sugar dating?

In short, sugar dating is when an older, wealthy and well-established man (also known as a sugar daddy) offers a younger and normally attractive looking woman a monthly stipend in exchange for the woman’s companionship and sex. The two normally meet up on a first date, or sometimes prior to using an arrangement app such as Seeking Arrangement in order to agree on terms that both parties find suitable.

When you look at it at face value, essentially sugar dating is a modern-day legalized form of prostitution – where a man pays a woman for her sex and time – and this is becoming more and more popular and socially acceptable as time goes on.

The Concept of the Sugar Player & Salt Dating

The idea and goal of a sugar player is not all that different than that of a normal player – sleep around with as many attractive women as possible, with the end goal of giving out the least amount of resources (read as – time and money) as possible.

Salt dating is the concept of men sleeping with women looking for sponsorship without giving them monetary compensation – what seems to be a term coined by some frustrated woman who were seeking sponsorship while not being able to maintain it and constantly getting passed around and pumped and dumped by sugar players.

So what does this mean for you? Let’s spell it out.

There are a plethora of women on websites such as,, etc. that are willing and open to putting out if you can get down the proper vibe and a bit of game to go along with it (without any mention of monetary compensation or lying involved – at least on your part.)

Where to Find Women

There are a few large sugar dating websites out there – the main one, and also our recommendation, being Seeking Arrangement.

With over 10 million registered women looking for money for sex, this is a good starting point to achieve your objective of finding women looking for sugar daddies. SeekingArrangement is straightforward, easy-to-use and how an updated and sleek interface to boot.

The premium version is worth the investment since it allows you to easily conversate with unlimited women while hiding your status/location and boosting your profile to get the attention of more potential suitors. The price tag shouldn’t scare you off – this isn’t your traditional dating website, rather if you have a solid profile, you can expect the women will be coming to you.

With that said, it certainly doesn’t mean that there’s not work to be done.

Our comprehensive sugar ranking takes a look at the best sugar dating sites and gives a breakdown of the features and functionalities.

salt dating

The Approach

The approach to Salt Dating is relative simple: to treat Sugar Dating websites as if it were a traditional site. In order to accomplish this you will need to attain the following:

  • Learn Game: You must master the art of seduction otherwise known as Game. Learning to seduce women without dangling your wallet in their faces should be the objective of every man.
  • Maximize your looks: nothing will minimize a Sugar Baby’s quest for an allowance more than a good looking man who is fit and has a well-developed fashion sense. Most men on Sugar Dating sites fall below the average with reacts to attractiveness. Maximizing your personal physical traits in person and in your online dating profile  will set the tone for sedition without resorting to a financial transaction.
  • Share your lifestyle: if you are a high valued man, then you have already attained financial resources and solid social standing. If you haven’t yet achieved your goals, we recommend that you make them a priority in life. High valued men live the lives they want, striving for fulfillment and impacting positively the lives of others. Salt Dating involves sharing your lifestyle with Sugar Babies as opposed to entering into a strictly transactional relationship. The sharing of one’s lifestyle may include travel, fine dining, special events such as the theater and concerts, and events that are related to your own unique passions. Salt Dating involves enhancing their lives of women through the sharing of your lifestyle instead of direct monetary compensation.
  • Do not scam women: Leading an authentic and honest life is one of the hallmarks of a high valued man. His word is gold and the people who enter his life affected positively. he is not a fool, but he doesn’t take advantage of the weakness of others. His energy is best served in enhancing the experiences of others. Salt Dating does not trick or decide women. It involves a direct proposal of sharing a lifestyle with younger women whom will benefit in all aspects of their lives, professional and personally from such experiences.

Handling the “Terms”

It is recommended that Salt Players to not use the traditional Sugar Daddy Dating terms such as:

allowance, arrangement, hosting, mutually beneficial, Sugar Baby, and Sugar Daddy”

Using these terms, psychologically minimizes the connection of two people and emphasis a transnational agreement.  Instead, it is suggested that men filly the script and lead the conversation by using traditional phrases such as follows:

“relationship, date, dating, girlfriend, boyfriend,  sharing my lifestyle”


The Endgame for Salt Dating is to secure invaluable relationships with women on Sugar dating sites. The ultimates goals for men will vary, but all men who engage in Salt Dating will have to goal to maintain an authentic relationship with women, devoid of drama inclines in traditional dating; where a man shares his lifestyle with a beautiful, younger woman.

Men are free to help a woman that he cares for with money. However, it is strongly recommended that this is not the base of the relationship.  The basis of the relationship should be an equal exchange of every: in this case, it involves men sharing lifestyle and women providing their youth, kindness and beauty.


Salt dating can be a fulfilling endeavor for men. However, it will lose its charm rather quickly if it is only a transactional agreement between two people. Salt dating involves the equal exchange of energy between a man and a woman. It does not advise directly paying women for their time or for sex. it involves men being generous and sharing his lifestyle with a younger woman.

In order for Salt dating to work, both parties need feel fulfilled.  It is not advisable to be a cheap-sake with women. Provide her with experiences that will rock her world and provide meaning to her life in ways she could not attain alone. Fanatical assistance should only occur one a true relationship has developed and a man wants to assist a woman out of genuine caring and not simply to uphold his end of the final agreement.

Start your journey with Salt Dating with Sugar Daddy Meet

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  1. Diggy
    January 17, 2019 at 6:45 AM — Reply

    Right before the summary you use the term bass meaning foundation… bass is low frequency. Base is foundation. Not being a grammar dick, just want your website to shine. You can delete this message after reading… thanks for the education on salt dating. A YT video on salt dating brought ne here…


    • January 18, 2019 at 11:44 PM — Reply


      Thanks for the feedback and for reading.

  2. November 15, 2019 at 11:53 PM — Reply

    what happens when my sugar daddy doesn’t compensate me for my time when we go out for an engagement? can i sue him?

    • MasterPiper
      April 22, 2020 at 4:14 AM — Reply

      if you did not have an explicit agreement (oral or written) that he would compensate you for a specific amount of time at a specific rate for going out for that specific engagement…no u can not sue him.

  3. MasterPiper
    April 22, 2020 at 4:16 AM — Reply
  4. Master Baker
    May 18, 2020 at 1:26 PM — Reply

    Any difference between sugar dating and prostitution?? I mean besides no pump with brass knuckles and gun wanting his cut.

    Somehow I doubt salt dating will make an honest person out of someone who wants pay-for-play but I suppose stranger things have happened. Just seems like too much hassle to develop a LTR with someone who only wants money & sex on the outset.

    If all the guy wants is to score pussy, I respect the strategy. Just don’t have any illusions it’ll be anything more, and he should be ok. In that case go ahead and be a proud pretzel stick.

  5. JC
    September 17, 2020 at 7:30 AM — Reply

    So why not go for girls that want regular relationships..? Plenty of them out there that don’t mind walk in the park dates and don’t care to be paid for their time and sex.

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