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SD/SB relationship – What is it about?

SD/SB relationship – so you found the term one day when surfing through the internet and were curious to learn a bit more, and you now ended up here.

So what exactly does it mean, SD/SB relationship?

The term itself specifically stands for a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship – better known as a relationship in which a man provides financial means for a woman in exchange for her time, affection and often times sex.

Still not sure what it’s all about?

Let’s start by breaking down the acronyms here, to give you an idea behind the meaning of an SD/SB relationship.


SD – Sugar Daddy

Looking at the most basic definition, a sugar daddy for the most part a boyfriend who comes with support and financial means for a woman. Normally, but not always, a sugar daddy is an older, experienced man who has the financial means to support the woman or women of his choosing in exchange for compensating those women for their time, affection and sex.

A sugar daddy normally supports multiple sugar babies at one time, providing them the funds they need to live a lifestyle which they normally could not afford with their current financial means. Many businessmen who have a family and kids find this as an exciting way to keep life interesting, by having a sugar baby or two on the side who can tend to his needs on his own watch.

Becoming a sugar daddy isn’t as easy as it sounds, and comes with a lot of added benefits for the man.


SB – Sugar Baby

An SB, or sugar baby, is the term for a woman who receives a monetary exchange from a man in exchange for giving him her time, affection and sex. Often times, sugar babies are younger women in college or recent graduates who could use a helping hand to afford the lifestyle they live, including someone to pay their bills, buy them nice clothing, and fly them around the world on lavish vacations.

More and more women are taking on the role of sugar babies with the help of websites like Seeking Arrangement, which make it super easy to sign-up, and start meeting sugar daddies from both their local city and other locations all around the world.

The life of a sugar baby is a pretty good setup, and sugar dating is only becoming both more and more common and even accepted in everyday society.

sd/sb relationship


SD/SB relationship benefits – is it for me?

So, now that you know a bit more about sd/sb relationships, it’s time for the question – do you think it might be right for you?

If you’re a man, do you enjoy the company of multiple women without having to commit to just one, but you love to spoil your women and treat them right while keeping some variety?

Do you enjoy the privacy of an encounter on your own time and watch, even in this case of having your own family or wife at home?

If you answered yes, an SD/SB relationship could be worth something considering to spice up your life.


As a woman, do you like the idea of a man paying for your things and supporting you in exchange for giving yourself to him? Do you want to live a certain lifestyle, but can’t seem to attain that on your own means and wouldn’t mind spending the company with an experienced gentleman that knows how to treat (and spoil) a woman?

If yes, it might be time to consider an sd/sb relationship with your next partner.

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