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How Do I Meet My First Sugar Baby?

How Do I Meet My First Sugar Baby? – Overview

Getting started in the sugar world can be a bit daunting with some many sugar dating sites to choose from. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the best option according to your own personal goals (i.e. meeting younger women and students, meeting more mature women who are looking for a longer term relationship, etc.) The end goal of any start in sugar dating is to secure your first sugar baby who will bring you whatever you’re looking for, whether that’s fast sex or a bit of romance.


Decide on what you want in a sugar baby

Before getting started, it’s good to have a clear picture in your mind what exactly your end goal is of sugar dating. Are you looking for fast action with a different sugar baby every other week? Or are you looking for a more stable relationship with a sugar baby who is looking for someone to settle down with for the long-term future?

It’s good to have a clear goal in your mind, so you can then better understand and measure your success with sugar dating.

How Do I Meet My First Sugar Baby?


Get signed up on the sugar dating platform that best fits your needs

If it’s your first time setting up an account on a sugar dating site, we’d highly recommend checking out our article on maximizing your appearance to get off on the right foot. Appearance is not usually the first thing a sugar baby looks at, but it’s certainly going to put you leagues ahead of the average guy when your look in on point, and congruent with your personality and success.

Once you choose the platform that best fits your own personal goals, work on putting together a solid bio with high-quality photos that present yourself in the best manner possible. This is crucial, and if you nail this step, your inbox is going to be flooded with requests from high-quality sugar babies that want to meet a man such as yourself.


Start messaging each sugar baby you find who has attractive photos and a good bio

When it comes down to it, dating is nothing more than a numbers game. This is no different with sugar dating, but, the huge advantage is that you’re going to have a much higher amount of women interested in you (and messaging you first) when compared to traditional dating.

Some women you’re going to click with, some are going to be able to offer what you’re looking for, and some simply won’t. For this reason, you should go through each sugar baby profile that you find sexually attractive with an interesting bio, and simply send them a quick hello to get to know them a bit better.

Remember – women are here in abundance, and although you’re still going to most likely get a lot of attention from women if you have a well-put-together profile, you’ll still need to do some legwork, in the beginning, to quickly starting connecting and then eventually meeting up with the women in person.

How Do I Meet My First Sugar Baby?


Set a time and place for your first meeting

As the man, you always need to be leading the encounter and here’s one of your first tests – choosing a good venue for the first meet up.

Being the established gentleman that you are, choose a classy location with a nice vibe with great cocktails and some soft background music so it’s easy to have a conversation and get to know your sugar baby a bit better. Think of the cocktail bar you’d find on the rooftop of the Ritz or Kempinski.

Remember – if you’re already in a relationship and looking for some fun on the side, it’s best to choose a venue that’s nowhere near any of your usual hangouts. In the best case, it’s always best to meet sugar babies in another location outside of the city where you reside.



Once you’ve decided on your own personal goals with sugar dating, and decided on the right dating site, it’s easy then to quickly start seeing results if you simply put together an excellent profile that will attract women to you.

Once you get the first meeting under your belt, it will be smooth sailing and you’ll start to connect and meet with more sugar babies as time goes by.

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