Sugar Daddy Meet Review & Usage Guide

Sugar Daddy Meet Review & Usage Guide – Overview

There’s a lot of competition out there in the sugar dating market when it comes to sugar dating options. Sugar Daddy Meet offers a very competitive offering, with a large number of beautiful sugar babies looking to meet men today. Similar to other sugar dating applications out there, Sugar Daddy Meet focuses strictly on connecting wealthy men to sugar babies for a “mutually beneficial” relationship.

Let’s take a further look at Sugar Daddy Meet, to see what we like about the site.



Sugar Daddy Meet focuses on connecting wealthy males with female suitors and makes a strong stance that they do not allow any students on their platform. The website has been operating since 2007 and focuses on providing users free access to join and first have a look around the application. In the case that you value in the application (which, we’re sure you will as much as we have) then you can upgrade your membership to a paid option in order to take full advantage of all features and functionalities which we will outline later.

Sugar Daddy Meet has over 1.3 million verified users and boasts an active daily user rate of over 500k every day. Competition for male attention runs high on Sugar Daddy Meet, with ¾ of the applications user base being sugar babies looking for a successful man to be by their side.



Sugar Daddy Meet places a strong focus on verifying members to ensure that they mitigate the risk of fake accounts or non-serious users making their way on to the platform. Members have the chase to verify photos in order to confirm their real identity, and this is a huge benefit for both sugar daddies and sugar babies alike. Sugar Daddy Meet takes privacy as a real concern, and therefore can hide member’s email address during the communication process, and also allows members to hide their photos from certain user(s) through allowing users to set up private galleries where access can be granted to only certain users.

Privacy is a huge concern for many sugar daddies, and therefore this is another great reason why Sugar Daddy Meet is one of our favorite dating apps.



The costs for a Sugar Daddy Meet membership will vary, whether you’re attempting to purchase your membership on desktop or via the mobile app. The pricing structure for Sugar Daddy Meet looks as follows:

Subscription prices when purchasing via the website (either on the desktop or mobile version of

1 month subscription: $50
3 month subscription: $90
6 month subscription: $144

Subscription prices when purchasing via the Android/iOS app:

1 month subscription: $64.99
3 month subscription: $99.99
6 month subscription: $159.99

As you can see, it makes sense to purchase a membership directly on desktop. Not only is it easier and more comfortable than on mobile, but you’ll save yourself at least a good $15 that you can use to spoil your new sugar baby.


Website Features

Some of the features that set Sugar Daddy Meet apart from its competitors are the following:

  • Verified Members: As stated above, Sugar Daddy Meet works hard to ensure only real profiles make it into that site, with the idea of verifying each member who wants to provide a form of identification to ensure other users they are who they claim they are. This protects both sugar daddies and sugar babies using the site.


  • Sugar Daddy First Date Gift: This is essentially a one-on-one message with the potential sugar baby, giving a quick description of the gift you’d give to her on the first date in order to further entice your date for a meeting.


  • First Date Ideas: First date ideas are a public listing of date ideas provided by sugar baby members, where you can then either upvote their idea and “like” it, or simply message them if there’s an interest from your side. This is a great concept to browse for first date ideas, and also to find a potential sugar baby who shares a similar idea in a first date.


  • Sugar Daddy Dating Advice: Sugar Daddy Meet provides a comprehensive FAQ for dating advice on all aspects of sugar dating, from the first message to the encounter, all the way to how the future terms should look. This is a great feature for the newer sugar players to understand what they should expect, and how to proceed.


  • Let’s Meet: Let’s meet is a similar feature to that of Tinder, where you see a profile image and swipe left or right based on your initial attraction level. This speeds up the process of seeing more sugar babies quickly and you can message them if there’s an interest from your side based on your first initial impression.


  • Gift Wishlist: Sugar babies give a listing of gifts they’d like to have, as something you’d like to keep in mind for future gift ideas.


Sugar Daddy Meet Verdict

Having abundance is the goal of many sugar dating users, and for that reason, Sugar Daddy Meet is another great account to have in your arsenal of sugar dating tools. This is a great site to pair up with also using Seeking Arrangement in order to meet sugar babies, as some do exist on one site and not the other.

The paid features and functionalities and the ability to search for and verify your own identity is a great feature to ensure you’re only communicating with serious users who are looking for dating and meetups.

Get started now with Sugar Daddy Meet, and start introducing yourself to some of the internet’s finest sugar babies.

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