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How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give you Money

So you want to know the age-old question women are asking with sugar dating – how to get a sugar daddy to give you money?

Most women using sugar dating as a way to supplement their lifestyles while studying or working, and the payment part of the interaction can be quite important, as she is trading away her valuable resources during this arrangement.

If you’ve asked yourself before, “how do I get money from my sugar daddy?” then we have a little bit of advice for you on how to get started asking for what you’re worth.

Here are the 5 tips for getting a sugar daddy to give you money:


1. Ask your sugar daddy straight up for money

The path of least resistance to getting what you want is always just asking for it. In the worst case, you’ll only hear no – where then you can simply try again to ask in the future.

Now, we’re not suggesting to go and ask for money off the bat from your sugar daddy, but you first should be building rapport and a relationship before going and trying to get straight into his wallet.

There’s certainly a right way of going about it, and most men understand that women are using platforms such as Seeking in a way to meet men that can support her lifestyle, whether you’re a student or simply wish to live a life of luxury.

Normally, the best time to ask for money is once you come to the terms discussion of the conversation. Here you can be honest about your needs, and make sure that there is a fair exchange of money for your time and comfort.


2. Give him your full attention, and make him your #1

If you’ve already started meeting with a sugar daddy, you’ll want to make him feel and know that you are his number one, and not as if you’re meeting also with other men (even if you are).

He needs to feel that you’re giving him 100% of your attention while you’re together, and that means no phone calls or texting, and that you’re fully engaged 100% in the entire interaction.

Remember, you’re trading resources here, so you need to also be holding up your end of the deal.

People spend their money based on emotions, and this is exactly what you’re looking to accomplish when you make him feel like the most important man in the world and give him your full attention.

how to get a sugar daddy to give you money

3. Buy small gifts for him that show your attention to detail

Not only should a sugar daddy be buying you gifts or providing you with money, but by buying small gifts for him that matter, you can also show your attention to detail and surprise him with a little something.

Spending some of your money on him is going to show that you are also invested in the arrangement and that you care more about him then just money and gifts. You don’t need to go and blow your load on some big expensive gift, but simply listen to something simple he mentions that you can get him – maybe that’s a new t-shirt he wants, or a pair of new running shoes.

We’re not talking a new car here – just some little things that will impress him that you’re paying attention, and care.

In return for this, you can expect that he will also be willing to spend more money on you in the long run.


4. Drop subtle hints about your needs during conversation

After you’ve met and have started to build rapport, it’s normal to drop some subtle comments during conversation that you could use some more money for certain reasons:

“I need to buy some new  books for my classes, but I’m a bit short on money this month..”

“There’s a new dress I’d love to have, and I think you’d really love me in it, but honestly it costs  a bit much..”

You can easily drop these lines into conversation to hint at him that you’d like to have money for these things, but can’t afford it.

It’s then up to him if he takes the bait and wishes to give you a bit of extra spending money. Remember, just keep working on it, and you’ll be able to get it out of him if you’re treating him right and holding up your end of the bargain.


how to get a sugar daddy to give you money


5. Make it easy for him to send you payments

You want to make the entire transaction process both as clear as possible as to how you will get the funds, and also have an easy way set up that he can pay you.

A lot of sugar daddies will insist on paying cash (many for the reason of anonymity), but it’s also a good idea to have a PayPal set up so you can easily accept funds at anytime directly online.

You should eliminate all barriers to receiving cash, and make it as easy as possible for a sugar daddy to send you money when you ask for it.

If he wants to send you money and you can’t meet in person at the moment, there’s no excuse to set up a quick transaction online and have him send it directly to you via bank account or PayPal.

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