Best Sugar Daddy Websites [2020]

We’ve put together the internet’s most comprehensive guide to the best sugar daddy websites in order to help guide our readership when making the choice on which platform might best suit their needs.

For this ranking, we’ve taken into consideration the overall quantity, quality, and value for money that each platform offers based on own personal experience, and hours of scrolling through and using each app.

This guide should be used as a way to test out a few different platforms, and see on which you have the best results.

Without further ado, here are the best sugar daddy websites.

Best Sugar Daddy Websites Rankings Breakdown

The guide to the rankings are as follows:

Value: We look at the overall pricing scheme for the paid version(s) of the dating site and then determine what value you’ll get for your money taking into account the unlocked features and functionalities you’ll receive versus being a free member.

Quality: How many beautiful women are using the application in comparison to that of other competitors.

Quantity: How many women exist on the application in comparison to that of other competitors.

Usability: How easy the application is to navigate on the desktop version if the dating site offers a mobile application that can be downloaded or a mobile-friendly view of the application and finally if all features and functionalities are clear and working as expected such as filtering, search, etc.

Overall: The average of the value, quality, quantity, and usability to give us the final ranking.


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2Sugar Daddy Meet9.

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3Established Men9.

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4Millionaire Match8.

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5Sugar Daddy For Me9.

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6Whats Your Price8.

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7Secret Benefits8.

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8Rich Meet Beautiful8.

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9Ashley Madison8.

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10Sugar Daddie8.

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The Quick Guide to The Best Sugar Daddy Websites

1. Seeking 🔥

The Best Sugar Dating Websites

At the current moment, SeekingArrangement is our go-to platform for sugar dating due to the sheer number of women on the platform, and the total coverage it offers across all continents.

Based on the platform’s homepage, they serve over 10 million active users, 8 million being women – boasting a 4:1 ratio on the platform of men to women!

Why Seeking is #1 Sugar Daddy Website

It’s free to sign-up and give it a try, and certainly worth a look for any successful man looking for a sugar baby (or babies). With the largest user base and highest-quality of sugar babies, you simply can’t go wrong with this one.

The platform has coverage across Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, so enough to keep you busy if you get tired of the women back home.

2. Sugar Daddy Meet

The Best Sugar Dating Websites

Sugar Daddy Meet has been in the game since 2001, meaning a strong 17 years of operation and operating as one of the most-established sugar dating websites out there.

Sugar Daddy Meet claims they are home to over 500k active users per day, with over 3.0 million “Approved” users on the website.

What makes the site a bit different than some others is they offer a verification process in order to prove your identity.

This helps to keep only serious people on the platform and cut out fake accounts allowing you to filter on only verified accounts during your search.

The website clearly states they don’t cater to students, so if you’re looking for younger women in this age range, it might be a bit more difficult than with competitors such as Seeking Arrangement – something to keep in mind during your decision process.

Why we like Sugar Daddy Meet: The platform’s verification process is a huge benefit in our eyes.

It’s not necessary if you have concerns about privacy and sharing that data, but can still be a benefit for you during your own personal search for sugar babies.

The platform also has a large userbase, and you’ll find some sugar babies on here not to be found on other platforms – most specifically, a good choice for those in Australia.

3. Established Men

The Best Sugar Dating Websites

Established men focus specifically on men who are successful in their life, and the site’s name makes this clear.

One great thing about the site is you can easily search for women who are available for a date on the same night.

This is quite useful when you pop into a new city, can hop on your phone and easily find a date for the same night without a ton of back and forth exchange.

Additional to that, the platform also has a public and private gallery for users, where you can choose with whom you’d like to share your private gallery.

Many women use this to let you get a bit better of a view of them before the meetup.

Personally, we like to work a few different accounts on multiple sites in order to not keep all eggs in one basket and to meet women who are on one platform but not the others.

Established Men is an excellent option to add to your arsenal with the other big names.

Why we like Established Men: This one flies a bit under the radar, and although it has a larger userbase, it’s not as popular as Seeking Arrangement Sugar Daddy Meet or others. 

This can be a benefit since there will be fewer junk accounts joining, while there still remains a high-quality of women active on the site.

The highest priced membership account is a bit cheaper than competitors.

4. Millionaire Match

The Best Sugar Dating Websites

Millionaire Match specifically caters to the ultra-wealthy, with the idea of pairing two ultra-wealthy individuals, even stating on their homepage that they do not allow sugar daddy/baby relationships.

Although this is the case, the site is widely still used for sugar dating and has a huge offering of not-wealthy women looking to connect with wealthy sugar daddies.

With over 2.5 million users, the site is quite active and has a large selection of women to scan through, including a large list of wealthy women who are also active on the site.

Why we like Millionaire Match: This site is great for those men who really want to leverage their wealth since the site actually offers verification on your income/assets to truly verify to others that you walk the walk.

If you’re looking for a wealthy woman, this would be the go-to site to check out, since it has a large population looking for a wealthy man, and is something that sets it apart from other competitors.

5. Sugar Daddy For Me

Although not the prettiest design, Sugar Daddy for Me is one of the oldest sugar daddy websites out there and is home to a large number of sugar babies looking for men.

The great thing about the site is you can actually run a search prior to signing up to have a look at the quality to be had on Sugar Daddy For Me.

Very popular in the US, this one really has no international focus but plenty of foreign women residing in the states looking for a man to treat them right.

Why we like Sugar Daddy For Me: The no frills, simple design is easy to navigate through and you can easily get a large view of many women on one page at a time.

This makes for much easier scanning to pick and choose some sugar babies that have good looks, then jump right into their profile to learn a bit more before sending out an initial contact.

6. Whats Your Price

Whats Your Price prides itself on leveling the playing field for men in dating. Generous men who value their time are provided with an easy to use platform that minimizes the time spent on messaging.

Whats Your Price is straight to the point in scheduling a date without tedious, time-consuming messaging.

Whats Your Price was launched in 2010 and has had over 2 million men and women register for an account.

Although not marketed as a sugar dating service, Whats Your Price is platform for compensated dating.

The sign-up process is easy and quick, accomplished by registering with an email. Men use the site to bid for dates, starting a 5 Dollars and going up as high as they are willing to bid.

Women are able to counteroffer.

The dollar amount is determined by the bidding process is paid offline on the first date. Subsequent dates are negotiated offline.

Women register for free. Men purchase credits in increments of $50.

Why we like Whats Your Price: Although not branded as a Sugar Daddy site, Whats Your Price is an underrated, efficient platform to meet sugar babies.

It caters to successful gentlemen who have a preference for efficient sugar daddy dating, without engaging in time-consuming messaging prior to the first date.

Whats Your Price streamlines the sugar daddy experience for both men and women.

7. Secret Benefits

secret benefits

Secret Benefits is another sugar daddy site that caters to generous, established men who seek a no-string attached relationship with younger women.

Similar to Whats Your price, Secret Benefits, operates under a credit system in which men purchase 100, 500, and 1000 credit increments to contact registered sugar babies.

The sign-up process is easy and there are no membership fees. The website is user friendly, but their mobile app is not available.

Why we like Secret Benefits: The main advantage to Secret Benefits is that it does not attract professional sugar babies. Secret Benefits is a bit off the grid in the sugar daddy dating world.

Therefore, men have a good chance of finding an authentic sugar baby relationship with a woman who is not a professional sugar baby.

8. Rich Meet Beautiful

rich meet beautiful

Founded in 2017, Rich Meet Beautiful has more European users. This site caters to wealthy, established men looking for beautiful young women.

The sign-up process is free.

A Premium membership costs $50 which is less than most sugar daddy sites.

However, premium members can only correspond with 20 members per day.

Why we like Rich Meet Beautiful: The website and app are user friendly. The low cost of the premium membership is about half the price of other premium sugar daddy dating sites.

The most salient advantage is for European users who are seeking a sugar daddy relationship.

Most the of members on Rich Meet beautiful reside in European which provides a nice alternative to the U.S based sugar daddy websites.

9. Ashley Madison

ashley madison

Almost 20 years in business, Ashely Madison is the premier site for folks who are married or in established relationships and seeking discrete affairs.

Ashley Madison has been keeping up with the times and now caters to those who seek open relationships or sugar daddy arrangements.

Ashley Madison has worked hard to regain the public’s trust after it was rocked by a scandal in 2015 in which the site’s database was hacked, and personal details of its users were released. Sincere then, Ashley Madison has worked hard to secure user’s identities.

Women register for free and men need to purchase credits to unlock the ability to message women. The design user application is easy to navigate.

Why we like Ashley Madison: Despite its past difficulties with securing its site, Ashley Madison is still the premier platform who those seeking discrete affairs.

With 30 million users, Ashley Madison is remaining the industry leader for married folks who seek adventure outside their relationship.

10. Sugar Daddie

In existence for 5 years, Sugar Daddy is the sister site of Sugar Daddy for Me. Premium membership fees range from $30 to $40 per month, rendering it as a discount sugar daddy site.

A free three-day trial is available for new users.

Why we like Sugar Daddy: Although it has fewer registered members, Sugar Daddy is a solid choice for those who are on the fence about sugar daddy dating.

It offers a low-cost platform for men who want to get their feet wet without investing a lot in membership fees.

Conclusion on The Best Sugar Daddy Websites

And there you have it – the best sugar daddy websites of 2020.

We’re always keeping an eye out for new products to test, and will be updating our list on an on-going basis.

Have a different opinion or know a better site?

Let us know below in the comments.

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