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Sugar datingĀ is quickly becoming the most popular outlet for online dating for both men and women alike. Luckily for men, sugar dating has helped to even the playing field, allowing for successful men to better leverage their wealth and achievements than with traditional online dating applications which focus strictly on appearance. For a woman, or better known in the world of sugar dating as a “sugar baby”, sugar dating gets a large selection of successful men who can provide for them, to help meet their goals, all while maintaining a healthy and happy relationship in some cases.

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Sugar Dating 101

The rise of sugar datingĀ has taught us valuable lessons about contemporary dating in the west.Ā Traditional dating is skewed towards women.

Most men who are not in the top percentages for looks have a difficult time on popular dating apps such as Tinder. Social media tends to have illustrated that women are now the sectors of both sex and relationships. The old adage that women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers for relationships no longer persists.

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